Monday, 11 January 2016

The Enigma of ‘Faker Baker’?

by Les May

AT one time I used to follow a blog which took the infighting in Rochdale Labour party to new heights of creativity.  There were occasional references to a character known as 'Faker Baker' who it seems was in the habit of making fake blog postings under multiple pseudonyms and writing letters for people to send to the Rochdale Observer under their own name.   In spite of the giant clue in the alliteration there was never a 'smoking gun' to confirm my suspicions.

But it seems that the writer of the 'Bristolian' blog has done some sleuthing and is prepared to name names.   The name in question being Matt Baker who at the time was employed by Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk, but seems to have had a 'colourful' history even before that.

I don't know whether the writer of the 'Bristolian' blog is the creator of the YouTube video I came across recently with the title, 'Mayor of Bristol learns that his failed New Labour PR prodigy Matt Baker is being bullied '.  It seems that everyone is laughing at the poor man and bullying him about his fake Twitter accounts.   
Oh dear! Some people just don't know how to behave do they?

(If you cannot get the YouTube link to work try copying it and then pasting it to your browser.)

Whoever did create the video has obviously been doing their homework on Baker and Danczuk's time in Rochdale because not only does the use of 'smear' tactics against political opponents figure in the parody, but the frequently unreliable and misleading, and partially untrue, the book on Cyril Smith figures prominently towards the end.


Mark said...

Brilliant stuff. Also enjoy the piss take of SD, though it is probably 99.9% correct. Have shared on Twitter and Facebook.

Editor said...

Where is Matthew Baker? In response to recent reports on other websites that Matthew Baker - a former aide to Simon Danczuk MP for Rochdale, has now moved on from his job of working for the Mayor of Bristol, we have made some enquires with other contacts in Bristol.
One reply is the following:
'The City Council here is an organisation that has reduced its staff and services in response to government cuts.

'Its difficult to identify who is working for them as they tend to be faceless- hidden in offices with little or no public access. Most them seem to be at 100 Temple Street as City Hall ( the Council House) is closed for major refurbishment.

'At 100 Temple Street your first point of contact is a security guard. You may if you are lucky see a member of staff who will interview you standing ( You stand , he or she stands) . They don't want you sitting down as it wastes staff time.They then tend to send you with your enquiry to a computer so you can obtain an answer.'