Monday, 11 January 2016

Mr. Dale's Diary

EXTRACTS from a diary that have been sent to Northern Voices.  This is the first extract:

Diary of a Man of our Times:

Monday, 11th, January 2016

Woke up without much of a hangover!  Looked in the mirror, the hair cut still fresh, might colour my hair.  Fine figure of a man.  Just right for those young ladies to lie on!

Not many letters, most will be at the office.  Waiting for a few more offers from the newspapers.
As a man of the people I'm in great demand to give my views. Good pay, I can say any crap as long as it's right wing.  The common touch eh, must get on to my man to write a few articles for me and to give me some sound bites.
Next job is to check the newspapers.  If I'm not in I'll get on to my journalists and give them a rant. As a representative of the people I should have constant exposure in the papers, pity it's not all paid. 
Had a message about the kids, there's a birthday coming up or something like that.  Ought to send a present, I'll get my assistant on to it.  
Well I'm off to the office, more than enough writing for now, does my head in, still should be able to sell it later.  I'll get someone to get me breakfast to eat while they tell me what's in the papers that I should know about.  Any criticism of me should get the daily crap going  so that means a bit more money for me.  Can never have enough, problem is others want some of it. They should get their own, I've got my life to live.  Now where's my f***ing taxi?


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