Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Mr. Dale's Diary

EXTRACTS from a diary that have been sent to Northern Voices.  This is the third extract.
Diary of a Man of our Times:
Wednesday, 13th, January 2016:
 Got into work this morning to find the office flooded; burst pipe or something like that.  Next door flooded as well, but that's their problem.  Told my staff to get it sorted by the time I come back from my lunch date; a charity do but should be a good feed.
Been thinking of my book.  Maybe I could write a column for a paper outlining my thoughts.  I'll get my man to make a start.  We can then recycle this for my book.  Paid twice for the same stuff, I like it!
Not had anything in the main papers for days!  Only the usual stuff in the local paper.  I could ask my staff for ideas but they are not much use, for that at least.  Handy for other things though.
The staff sometimes forget what an important man I am.  I have to remind them.
That ex wife of mine seems to be getting a lot of publicity with her suspect activities.  She seems
to be getting more attention than me.  That can't be right, I'll have to get my man to think of something to get me back in the public eye.  Could have a go at foreign aid, that's always popular, but I need to be careful it does not damage free trips abroad.  I wonder if the tobacco companies need someone to visit their factories in some hot spot?
Got to go I can hear an ice cream van.  I just fancy a Mr. Whippy!





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