Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Morning Star interviews Danczuk's former Mistress

TODAY the editor of the Morning Star, Ben Chacko, defended an interview the paper did last Saturday with Labour councillor Claire Hamilton, the former partner of Simon Danczuk..  Mr. Chacko wrote that Ms Hamilton had 'approached the Morning Star with her story, and did not request or receive any payment.'

Claire Hamilton, in told the Morning Star that she had first-hand evidence that she felt should be heard by Labour's internal investigation into the Rochdale MP's conduct.  She said:
'I don’t think it would be fair for Simon just to go and talk his way out of it.  I think it needs to be a full hearing about what he’s been up to.  As a member of the Labour Party, I’m willing to give evidence in person. I’m quite disgusted at what he’s been doing.  In any other profession, there would be repercussions for that kind of behaviour — it shouldn’t be different just because he’s an MP.'

Ms. Hamilton ended her relationship with Mr Danczuk when she discovered the lewd text messages he had sent to teenager Sophena Houlihan, which led to the MP’s suspension from the Labour Party on New Year’s Eve.

Ms Hamilton also told the Star that her relationship with the MP was also put under strain by frequent clashes over his right-wing positions, which include support for rail privatisation and fox hunting.
During one row, she told Mr Danczuk: 'I don’t understand how you can be in the Labour Party.'

To which he allegedly replied:  'Because they asked me first.'

According to the Star the MP’s agent, Rochdale Councillor Allen Brett, recently gave him a 'bollocking' after receiving over 100 complaints from local party members about his conduct, according to Ms Hamilton.

A spokesman for Mr Danczuk hit back at the claims, saying:
'Simon has been involved with the trade union movement and the Labour Party since the 1980s.  Any suggestion he would even consider joining another party is unfounded and completely lacking in credibility.  Simon has the full support of the local party.'

According to the Star some Rochdale Labour councillors are furious that the MP is bringing the party and town into disrepute and will discuss his conduct at their group meeting on Monday evening.  And one local councillor said:   'I’m not the biggest fan of Simon Danczuk. I don’t agree with attacking the party through the press. I just despair at times.  Jeremy Corbyn is the democratically elected leader and MPs should respect that.'

A Labour Party spokeswoman said the party would not comment on its internal inquiry while a police investigation into separate rape allegations against Mr Danczuk are ongoing.

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