Thursday, 28 January 2016

John McDonnell Backs Protest Against Carillion!

Blacklist Support Group join forces with Hillsborough, Shrewsbury Pickets and Orgreave campaigners to fight against Carillion at Anfield stadium. 
Great work by Roy Bentham - Great video by Reel News has just gone over 2,000 views on Facebook within 2 hours of being posted.

Football is a working class game. Big business and the police have conspired against football fans at Hillsborough, miners at Orgreave and construction workers at Shrewsbury. That is why all these campaigners have all come together to throw the blacklist firm, Carillion out of Liverpool Football Club. Let's kick all the blacklisting firms out of football, starting with Carillion at Anfield.
Support the justice campaigns - circulate this to all your contacts and post on Twitter & Facebook  

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