Monday, 25 January 2016

'Danish Girl' for Decorative Dazzle

'DON'T be dazzled,' the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein told one of his students.  'The Danish Girl' is the much promoted film of the latest fashionable addiction (yet, the fashion changes so quickly that as you read this it may already by then be dated).  Architecturally the film is a divine distraction which one critic has called 'a period drama... all period and no drama'.


It's is all about the scenery, and there's little sign of any inner life in the life of the painter and pioneer transsexual.  Eddie Redmayne moves the eyes quivering to the right and and we're urged to believe that a bleeding nose and stomach cramps are symptoms of transsexual in transformation. 


It's not got the psychological power of something like Hitchcock's 'Vertigo'.  I have just seen a local

performance in Little Hulton, Salford of 'Ali Baba & the Forty Thieves', and the cross-dressing

there was for me more enthralling than that in 'The Danish Girl'.

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