Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Richard Littlejohn on Simon Danczuk

by Les May
MY attitude to the Daily Mail was formed early in life.  My dad was a Daily Herald reader but on the day of the 1951 General Election he bought the Daily Mail as well, 'to see what the Tories were up to', as he put it.  If memory serves me correctly it was 4d in old money.


And so it's been since then.  But I had a change of heart today and bought it after hearing it contained a few choice comments on the seemingly never ending Danczuk saga.


Under the headline:
'The game's up Danczuk. MP brought down by dopey bird who sells her toenail clippings online...' Richard Littlejohn gives us the benefit of his thoughts.
I quote...

'The trouble is that Danczuk, like so many others who fancy themselves as celebrities, has spent the past few years starring in his own movie and forgetting all about the 'back story'.  Now it's caught up with him.'


'As it is, he's just the latest hopeless drunk to commit suicide by social media.'




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