Monday, 4 January 2016

Danczuk Damns Protest!

by Les May
ACCORDING to the Manchester Evening News the response of Simon Danczuk to today's protest outside his constituency office was as follows:
'This protest has been organised by my political opponents who have formed a bizarre alliance in an attempt to use problems in my personal life as an excuse to try and intimidate me into resigning.'

'This is a group made up of former Lib Dem councillors and the far left.  There has even been a suggestion that Momentum members have invited the North West branch of the EDL to take part today.'

This quote is Danczuk in full fantasy mode.  The claim that anyone invited the North West branch of EDL to take part is just an example of his over active imagination at work.  It's another of his attempts to smear people who disagree with him.
I went along because Danczuk has turned the name of Rochdale into a laughing stock.  As an MP I want him to act with the same sense of responsibility as any other professional.  And when he demonstrates he has about the same level of self control as an oesophagous joined to a pair of testicles, I want to see him treated in the same way as any other professional would be treated in similar circumstances.

Would you want your doctor to behave in the way Mr Danczuk has?  Would you complain if your child's teacher behaved like him?  Would you accept the excuse that he or she had been feeling low, or had drunk to much?

These are the standards against which Mr Danczuk's antics should be judged.

As for me being there because I'm on the 'far left' you can get my take on politics at:

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