Friday, 22 January 2016

High Court & Blacklisting

THE High Court blacklisting litigation saw construction companies castigated today (Thurs 21st Jan) over their non-disclosure and destruction of evidence. 

Dinah Rose QC, representing the GMB claimants told the court that household names such as Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd, Balfour Beatty and Carillion had destroyed the lives of thousands of working men and women. 

The role of Cullum McAlpine, director of Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd and founding Chairman of the Consulting Association blacklisting body came in for particular criticism. Despite a court order requiring full disclosure, not a single email or document to or from Cullum McAlpine, his personal assistant or David Cochrane final chairman of TCA have been disclosed. The court as even told how in 2011 all hard copies of correspondence between Cullum McAlpine and the Consulting Association had been destroyed. 

Dinah Rose told the court that 'Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd has been evasive with conduct intended to covers its tracks and conceal the central role of Cullum McAlpine. 
Cullum McAlpine is a very important man, for the sake of retaining trust in the British legal system, he must not allowed to get away with a cover up.'

Balfour Beatty were also highlighted when it was revealed that despite instructions to the contrary, the PC and laptop of Elaine Gallagher, main contact for the company with TCA had both been wiped in April 2013. 

Norse QC representing the McFarlanes defendants said that no impropriety whatsoever could be implied over the destruction of the documents, which were merely unfortunate mistakes.

Dinah Rose described the McFarlanes position on non disclosure and destruction of evidence as 'bonkers'.

The current heariung continues tomorrow (Friday 22nd Jan) in Court 76 at 10:30am 

The full trial is set to start in May 2016. 

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