Monday, 18 January 2016

Doubting Danczuk's Narrative

by Les May
THOUGH the formal statement from Lancashire Constabulary that a 49 year old man had been interviewed under caution about a rape allegation dating back to 2006 did not mention Simon Danczuk by name the media had no such qualms in making the connection.

Both the Guardian and the Daily Mail added a new dimension to the ongoing saga which forms his private life by referring to him as a 'father-of-five'.  So far the mother of this fifth child seems to have avoided having her name linked to Mr Danczuk.  As she has not sought publicity I hope she will be left in peace.

Since Danczuk's book 'Smile for the Camera' was published in April 2014, the printed and broadcast media have accepted the truth of his assertions about Cyril Smith without questioning the quality of the evidence.  But in recent months a note of doubt has begun to creep into reports of these assertions whenever Simon's current activities have come under scrutiny.

Yesterday, Alexander Baron went so far as to write: 
'There are always problems with historical allegations because much of the time they are impossible to refute.  Mr. Danczuk may shortly find he has the same problem because he is now himself facing an historical rape allegation.  Okay Simon,  prove you didn’t do it!'

Baron's point is well made.   But I doubt that Simon has sufficient insight into his own behaviour to understand it.   

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