Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Simon Danczuk on the way to the bank!

by Les May
NO wonder Simon Danczuk is smiling in the picture in last Saturday's Independent.  He must be on the way to the bank!

We now know that Simon was paid £5,000 for the 'Sun on Sunday' article of 3 January in which we were told, 'He admitted telling Sophena he wanted to spank her during booze benders on which he drank up to three bottles of wine a night'.  A story he immediately backtracked on in an interview with LBC, perhaps because he realised the public might question his capacity to do his work as an MP if he is regularly 'under the influence'.

This is just another example of him cashing in on his position as an MP to line his pockets.  His pretensions to being a 'working class' guy just earning an honest crust takes a bit of a bashing when you realise it would take someone working a forty hour week, on the over 21 minimum wage of £6.70p an hour, nearly 19 weeks to earn this sum.

And it doesn't stop here.  Last week he admitted to receiving £1,100 from FameFlyNet, a company which "prides itself on helping people in the public eye to raise their media profile'.  Check out the 'business as usual' photos at the 'Mail Online' website and you'll see the same company copyright imprint.  Another 'nice little earner' for Danczuk.  As he indignantly says there's nothing illegal in doing this, but it does make him look like a greedy money grubber in some people's eyes.

Much as I disliked Thatcher I came to think of her as 'one of the perils of democracy'.  I see Danczuk in the same way.  He's here and he'll stay as long as he can.  When he goes as an MP he'll just be 'Mr Nobody' again and all those little 'perks' from appearances in the media will dry up. Even if he gets booted out of the Labour party he'll stay as an MP.  Each extra year he can stick it out he get his £74,000 salary, a 'severance allowance' worth another £12,000 a year and a pension of up to 1/40th of his final salary.

In the past his antics of briefing against Miliband and Corbyn have been a threat to Labour on the national stage.  But in the next four years he's going to be a liability to the Labour party in Rochdale and any hope of winning the seat in 2020.  Simon isn't going to change.  He's going to be the story for the next four years.  Come election time people are going to remember his antics even if he's been expelled from the Labour party by then.  He's already said he stand as an independent if he is.

Even if he does stand against Labour he'll still be unwanted baggage for the next Labour candidate.  The remedy for this is for Rochdale Labour party to dissociate itself from Danczuk as smartly as possible.  Whether that happens lies in the hands of ordinary Labour members who need to make their feelings known.  They need not feel any qualms about distancing themselves from Mr Danczuk.  It is self evident that he has repeatedly brought the party into disrepute and no doubt will go on doing so.

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