Monday, 4 January 2016

Danczuk: Damage Goods in Shopping Centre!

SHUFFLING around Rochdale's Wheatsheaf Shopping Centre this morning the politically damaged and sheepish looking Simon Danczuk, MP for Rochdale, sought the support of local people by asking them as they drank their coffee if he should go or stay on as their representative?  This may have been Simon's answer to those few dozen of his critics who gathered today outside his office to call for his resignation after the Labour Party suspended him for 'inappropriate behaviour'. 

Later, as the protest proceeded past Rochdale Town Hall,  a constituent asked what the protest was all about, and on being told that it was against Mr Danczuk's indiscretions, went on to say:
'They're all a set of tossers!' and another eagerly added that he should resign as the town's local MP.

So much for local love for the political class!
A leaflet distributed by the 'WE WANT ACTION AGAINST DANCZUK' Group who rallied outside Danczuk's office today, claimed 'HE IS PROFITING FROM THE ROCHDALE GROOMING SCANDAL', and that he is 'ONE OF THE HIGHEST EXPENSES CLAIMING MP IN ENGLAND'.
This morning on TV, a Labour Councillor and representative of the Rochdale Labour Party, tried to defend Mr Danczuk's standing by saying that the MP had honestly admitted that he had acted 'inappropriately' by engaging in an exchange of luridly suggestive texts online with a young lass of seventeen,  and that Danczuk having apologised for his indiscretions should be left to appear before the Labour Party Executive.  Others are saying that the Rochdale MP  has abused his powers, and that no amount of humble grovelling or tearful performances before the cameras can repair this.

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