Thursday, 14 January 2016

Mr. Dale's Diary

EXTRACTS from a diary that have been sent to Northern Voices.  This is the forth extract.

Diary of a Man of our Times

Thursday, 14th, January 2016:

Having another problem with an ex.  The police have asked me to come in for a chat.  Can't think what I am supposed to have done.  It'll be something and nothing.  If there is a problem I can go to a senior officer; as a well respected man of the people any version of events I put forward will be believed.
Still it's publicity, and any publicity is better than no publicity.  In any case I have arranged to sell pictures of me attending the police station.  I like to turn every situation into a money making opportunity.
My man is now back working for me.  Seems he had a bit of a problem with the job he went to.  Hope he now knows where his best bet for work lies, doing what I tell him to do.  He does need to get a shift on writing my book.  Still not got a title yet,  'the stud' has already been taken!  Yet another good joke,eh?
Looking forward to the weekend, normally very lucrative. Just have to put my name to anything the papers write.  This week I have had a go at asylum seekers, might continue with that.  I can always have a go at benefits cheats, that is always gobbled up by the papers.
Might call up my publicity seeking ex, I could latch on to some of her publicity.  She still defends me, just a bit concerned at what she'll do when I stop paying her.***k her, I am too well respected to worry about anyone else's opinions.  


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Eileen said...

I really can't fathom what all these women see in him! It's beyond me!