Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Rochdale Online Report: Danczuk 'Dependants'

ROCHDALE MP Simon Danczuk has claimed thousands of pounds in 'dependants' expenses for the two eldest of his children despite not seeing them for years.
Parliamentary rules allow MPs a basic annual allowance of £20,600 for accommodation in London, plus £2,425 per year for each dependant.
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) records show that in 2014-15 Mr Danczuk claimed £28,466.58 and declared four dependants. He claimed £27,587.46 in 2013-14 and £29,261.62 in 2012-13.
IPSA states dependants are people for whom MPs have caring responsibilities. The money is paid if “the dependant routinely resides at the rented accommodation”.

Sonia Rossington, the mother of Mr Danczuk's two eldest children, confirmed to Rochdale Online that they have never stayed at Mr Danczuk's London flat in Pimlico, she said: "The kids have never stayed with their father in London. I don't know when he last saw them it's been that long - many years."

The Mirror reports 'he admitted he 'never read the rules' relating to the parliamentary allowance'.

Councillor Andy Kelly, leader of the Liberal Democrats in Rochdale, said:
'I am shocked but not surprised, it's just another typical example of how morally bankrupt this man is. He's been an MP for six years now, he should know the rules. Ignorance is in any case no defence, but even if you don't know the letter of the law, who would think you can claim for children you never even see? IPSA should investigate and use the full weight of their powers.'                                                                                         

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