Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Mr. Dale's Diary

Mr Dale's Diary

This is the diary of a man of our times. Any resemblance to anyone living is, of course, purely coincidental.

Tuesday 19th Jan 2016

    Rupert Murdoch. You gotta love the guy.  A few little skeletons in the cupboard over phone hacking, Hitler Diaries, urinating on the dead etc etc and a few other bits and bats, but you can unreservedly apologise for a few errors of judgement.  I know I would if I ever did anything wrong. Which never happens.  That nice Mr Murdoch is soon to be taking his fourth wife.  I know three of them to be much younger than him so he clearly follows my lead in being a male cougar. Some may substitute ‘cougar’ with ‘rhino’, you know, ugly and horny, but that clearly isn’t applicable to me.  Nice guy is Mr M, I’ve been paid by his organs and they love me too.
I could follow his example and publish my own paper.  I’d call it the Daily Meil. Everyone around here would buy it as they adore me .  I’d be in the papers every day then, and won’t that be a fantastic thing?
Must get that pesky iPhone fixed before it visits and favourites porn sites of its own free will again.


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