Saturday, 9 January 2016

Colourful Danczuk on Front Page of Private Eye

FAME at last!  Days after going to Church for Mass, Simon Danczuk and Karen have made it to the front page of the current issue of Private Eye

Comparing the Rochdale MP's rendering of the 'Theatre of the Absurd' to the current production of 'War & Peace', the fortnightly journal to describe what is going on as an 'epic drama that has got the nation gripped'.

 Acres of newsprint demonstrating what the Eye calls 'a sprawling masterpiece of love and loss (of trousers and dignity) has become an instant classic.'

Meanwhile, all that leading Rochdale Labour Party insiders can say to a bemused local party membership is:  'Well we knew he was a colourful character when we selected him!'

Colourful!  It is a positively dazzling drama!

It is also proving lucrative for most of the participants as HP SAUCE, also in Private Eye, reports:
'As the opposing camps in the Simon Danczuk scandal divided themselves among rival tabloids - his first ex-wife to the Mail on Sunday, his ex-girlfriend to the Sunday Mirror, the MP himself to the Sun on Sunday, while the Sunday People had new details on the 17-year-old to whom he sent texts - his shy and retiring second wife Karen took to Twitter to denounce her love rivals as having 'sold seedy sex stories to papers for a quick buck... Do all these exes think they come across well degrading themselves by selling stories to Sunday papers?'

The week after next, the leader of the Rochdale Labour Party, Richard Farnell, will assemble his troops at Rochdale Town Hall for the first full meeting of Rochdale Council.  It is now approaching two years since he grabbed the post from Councillor Colin Lambert in 2014, after an acrimonious take-over that left the local Labour Party divided.  At that time Mr. Farnell had the backing of the local MP, Simon Danczuk; when Danczuk himself looked to be an unstoppable force with a charmed life and wife.

How times have changed! 
Yesterday a Tweet from Simon Danczuk:
'Great meeting with and chief exec today. response to floods was outstanding, recovery plans now in place' 
Chances are that when Danczuk finally goes he will be taking a few more with him!

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