Thursday, 15 October 2015

Tom Watson & Simon Danczuk's 'Nifty Footwork'

by Les May
Tom Watson & Simon Danczuk
YOU'VE got to admire Simon Danczuk's nifty footwork in making sure that the opprobrium which is being heaped upon Tom Watson for his pursuit of Leon Brittan does not fall upon him.
Chris Fay, a former social worker, interviewed in the recent Panorama programme also passed allegations about Leon Brittan to Tom Watson.  But Simon wanted to make it clear that he was above that sort of thing and was reported in The Times a couple of days ago as saying Fay was 'wholly unbelievable and some sort of fantasist'.
Now I wonder when he came to that conclusion?  Quite recently I assume because earlier this year he was happy to share a speakers' platform with him as you'll see if you visit the eventbrite website. (Mr. Matthew Baker now living in Bristol and a former aide to the Rochdale MP, Simon Danczuk, has since denied that Mr Danczuk appeared on the same platform as Mr. Fay - see his comment below).
Or did Simon 'forget' just as he did when he enthusiastically applauded the unveiling of a 'Blue Plaque' to Cyril Smith.

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Matthew Baker said...

In the article below your publication says Simon Danczuk was happy to share a platform with Chris Fay.
This is not true. He told the organisers he would only speak at the event if Chris Fay was removed from the list of speakers, which he subsequently was.
In the interests of accuracy, can you change this please.

Kind regards,