Thursday, 1 October 2015

Legal Action Over Political 'Smear' in Rochdale

LAST night on BBC's North West Tonight, Simon Danczuk denied there was any 'wrongdoing' by himself or his office in relation to allegations that his office had  been responsible for an e-mail that may well have 'smeared' Colin Lambert, a Rochdale Labour councillor, and former leader of the Labour Group on Rochdale Council. 
On Twitter, Mr. Danczuk said last night:  'There is no case to answer - legal action would be a waste of money.'
On September 21st, the Rochdale online website published the following report about Danczuk's former aide Matthew Baker, who now works in Bristol:
'Matt Baker, the former spin doctor of Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk, has been accused of a "vile attack" and "smear campaign" after he was revealed as the author of an email that makes very serious and highly damaging allegations about former Rochdale Council leader, Colin Lambert and a former Mayor of Rochdale, Robin Parker - allegations which they say are completely without foundation and "libellous".'
Since then Mr. Baker has said, he had:
'no recollection or record of sending this email (smearing Colin Lambert).'

Both Colin Lambert, a councillor and a former leader of Rochdale Council, and Robin Parker, say the allegations in the e-mail are completely without foundation and 'libellous'.
Colin Lambert last night was reported to be starting a legal action in defamation next week.
This morning, the BRISTOLIAN Blog is reporting that 'Baker has now claimed to a BBC reporter that his email account must have been “hacked”!'
And to think there was a time when Danczuk and Baker, were once seen as a dynamic duo up here.

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