Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Support Chris Draper & Private Eye!

I write in support of Chris Draper’s article in  PRIVATE  EYE

In the past I have been very critical of 'washing our dirty linen in public'.  While we enjoy arguing with each other in the pub showing such diversion too openly decreases our credibility.  An example is an  unkind obituary Brian wrote.  To save you the details Bruising Bamford’s battle with Salad Cream Sally did no one any good.  It only enhanced a view that Anarchism equals chaos. 
But the people now running our book shop and its building have left us no alternative to supporting Chris’ exposure.  By 'us' I mean the widely scattered people, holding a large range of Anarchist views, values and visions.  Living far from London has placed us at a great disadvantage.  How dare these usurpers claim to be  'speaking for the movement'

Some 20 years ago Historian, organiser and Anarcho- communist,  Peter Cadogan, said that 'the Anarchist  movement is an animated corpse'.  To-day the corpse is no longer animated. 
Our chances for unified action have been damaged by a handful of visionless authoritarians.  Their dogma is stuck  the 19th century with language reflecting all the inwardness of small, self comforting groups.    
martin  s..gilbert (Oct. 2015) 

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Christopher Draper said...

Dear Mr Gilbert
Thank you for your supportive comments but I didn't actually write anything in PRIVATE EYE and never have done; fine, upstanding publication though it is!
Christopher Draper