Monday, 12 October 2015

Maneuverings of Simon Danczuk & Tom Watson

by Les May
Tom Watson & Simon Danczuk
IN an LBC interview with Ken Livingstone and David Mellor last Saturday, Simon Danczuk said;

'I was in inundated with information about Leon Brittan’s personal life.  I didn’t think that there was enough information there that allowed me to reach a threshold of evidence that would give me some comfort in using parliamentary privilege to name him in any sort of way.
'I’d met some of these campaigners and my office had spoken to some of the victims and we’d ruled out acting on any of the information that they gave us.  We stepped away from it.'
LBC conveniently packaged this into 'The MP for Rochdale told Ken Livingstone and David Mellor that while he believes some notable figures were paedophiles, other allegations such as those made by Tom Watson about Leon Brittan, had insufficient evidence to follow up on.'

Now this looks to me like an attempt by Danczuk to make sure that the large piles of ordure being heaped upon Tom Watson by papers in the Daily Mail stable does not start to fall on him.  I phrase it like this because having studied Danczuk's book 'Smile for the Camera' which deals with the real and imaginary crimes of Cyril Smith, I can say with some certainty that his 'threshold for evidence' appears to be extremely low.
Now read that second paragraph of what Danczuk said very carefully.  Whilst Tom Watson well and truly overstepped the mark in repeating after Brittan's death what someone else had said about him, he did take to the police the claims made to him.  By contrast Danczuk, even though he refers to the complainants as 'victims', didn't. In his own words 'we stepped away from it.'
But in 'stepping away from it', he has dropped himself into some 'do-do' of his own making.  Check out his website and you will find he is calling for 'mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse'.
It looks like Simon is saying 'Do as I say, not, do as I do.'

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