Friday, 30 October 2015

'history of pseudonyms & anonymous writing...'

Dear Chris [Draper],
Have a look at the new bookfair edition of Freedom if you can.  There are some very interesting articles in it, on topics that are the subject of interesting debates within the anarchist movement.  You can always email the editor to send you a copy, and apparently dear old Brian [Bamford] took one from the stall and gave a 50p donation, so I'm sure he could send you it over once he's finished with it!!

To be honest your critique of anonymity doesn't really hold water.  There is a long history of pseudonyms and anonymous writing in the history of the anarchist movement, for example Maurice Brinton.  In addition there are many valid reasons for wanting to remain anonymous, one being the fact that unfortunately you can still get trouble at work for practising anarchist politics, or come to the attention of the very scary National Domestic Extremism Unit.  The aforementioned Maurice Brinton used a pseudonym because he was a leading neurosurgeon.

I understand that you are on Chris Draper & Freedom!

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