Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Eileen Kershaw Denounces Simon Danczuk

by Brian Bamford 

It is now almost a year since I first interviewed Eileen Kershaw, at that time she expressed some misgivings about Simon Danczuk and his wife Karen.  But generally she clearly thought Mr Danczuk's book 'Smile for the Camera' was well written in a literary sense. 
Yet, Eileen Kershaw did say, correctly as it turned out, that she didn't believe Mr. Danczuk had written the book himself, and she did, even then, express some doubts about some details in the contents of the book.  But now she writes that 'much of the content is questionable'.   It is when she writes below in her letter to the Rochdale Observer that 'the real aim of writing such a tome seems to be financial', that Eileen Kershaw hits the jackpot. 

It was my idea to produce a book on Cyril Smith, which I suggested to a former editor of RAP, John Walker, in 2012.  We needed a publisher and John took the view that if we were going to do a biography on Cyril Smith, it would be a good idea to get the MP for Rochdale to introduce it.   
John Walker then approached Simon Danczuk MP with the idea, and Simon who was drinking in the House of Commons bar at the time, became increasingly more animated.   Later when
John came up to Rochdale and met Matthew Baker, who was then Mr. Danczuk's aide, it became clear that Simon was mainly interested in making money out of producing a book about Cyril Smith; Simon even suggested he wanted to make a docu-drama about Cyril.  After he left Danczuk, John Walker came to see me and over a paella a la valenciana, he told me that Simon was one of the most 'greedy' men that he had ever met:  interested only in making money. 

Eileen Kershaw's letter to the Rochdale Observer (28th, Oct. 2015):

Our MP is a Disgrace

I WISH I could see anything vaguely amusing or laughable about Jeremy Corbyn's efforts as our new leader which conforms to the image of him being portrayed by the more shallow-minded politicians. 

What is more important than honesty, intelligence, loyalty and total commitment to improving the lot of the general public, particularly the vulnerable? 

Simon Danczuk is a disgrace to denigrate Jeremy Corbyn, who is simply sticking to his principles in the face of people like Mr Danczuk. 

Mr Corbyn is in no way betraying anyone or anything by what he is doing. 

This town has been badly let down and has become a national disgrace in the past four years, due in most parts to the antics of our MP and his ex-wife, herself a former councillor. 

Simon Danczuk's attempt at defending her inappropriate behaviour made him party to the offence and convinced many people that he cared as little about the Labour party, the borough council and the people they were elected to represent as she did. 

His exposure of the antics of Cyril Smith was laudable, but questionable on two main issues – much of the content is questionable and the real aim of writing such a tome seems to be financial. 

Is his relationship with the Tory Daily Mail another way of making money? 

Now we have Rochdale councillors who have learned little or nothing about this proud borough and its history. 

Roll on the next election when we will win, hopefully, and get an MP who cares about Rochdale and its good people of all races, religions and political persuasions who have been humiliated by recent events. 

It would also help if the Regional Executive kept out of the selection and let Rochdale choose its own MP. 

Eileen Kershaw.


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