Monday, 26 October 2015

London Anarchist Bookfair

MANY, many THANKS to ALL who helped make the 2015 London Anarchist Bookfair a success - the stallholders & meeting organisers; the many volunteer helpers beforehand & on the day; the online & on the street propagandists; and of course all of you who came with an interest in anarchist ideas & practices.
Our perception - based on programmes dished out & donations received - is that this was the best attended Bookfair for many a year. Thank You! But the Bookfair is worth nothing ...if not a part of a vibrant, creative & active anarchist movement fighting for a new world against tyranny, capital & the state. So let's do it.
The Bookfair Collective will shortly meet to review the event, and it's volunteer members will then return to their many other projects for a while, before planning starts for 2016. This FB page is highly likely to go into hibernation for a while.
In the meantime the Bookfair Collective welcomes any comments, critiques & constructive criticism + enquiries about getting involved - send them directly to the email address which will be monitored, at
In solidarity. We'll see you on the streets.

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