Friday, 30 October 2015

Private Eye's Pedantry Corner

Letter sent to Private Eye (No.1404)
...Prince Peter Kropotkin was a founder of the anarchist journal Freedom (p10, Eye 1403) but credit should also go to the almost entirely forgotten Charlotte Wilson (1854-1944), the first editor and co-founder.  The wife of a stockbroker and early student at Newnham College Cambridge, she was one of five members of the executive of the recently formed Fabian Society.  But when in 1886 the early Socialist movement proposed setting up a political party, it was opposed by, among others, William Morris and Mrs Wilson.  From then on she devoted herself to Freedom and the anarchist cause, before returning [to] the Fabian fold 20 years later by founding the Fabian Women's Group.

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andy meinke said...

I take my hat off to you Comrade Venning! You've got an accurate article about the history of Freedom Press in Northern Voices.