Wednesday, 7 October 2015

"Here comes Jonny": Reynolds does a somersault and becomes a Corbynite overnight!

Nimble Jonny Reynolds MP

They say that you have to be nimble on your feet in politics, and Jonny Reynolds MP, who represents the constituency of Stalybridge and Hyde for Labour, would certainly give Hermes a run for his money.

Only weeks ago the hapless Blairite MP, was campaigning on behalf of Liz Kendal MP, for the leadership of the Labour Party, who came last in the election and was batting to get his old mate, Peter (Meddlesome) Mandelson, elected as Chancellor of Manchester University. Mandelson also came last losing to Lemn Sissay, a black poet from Wigan. You might say that nimble Jonny has a penchant for backing losers.

Both the Ashton-under-Lyne and Stalybridge and Hyde Constituency Labour Party's, chose to support Jeremy Corbyn in the leadership election. Angela Rayner opted to support the weak and vacillating Andy Burnham, along with her Labour colleague, Andrew Gwynne MP, who represents Denton and Reddish.

In a recent flyer to Labour Party members, nimble Jonny, told the party faithful:

"It is now incumbent on all of us to do what we can to beat the Tories and elect Jeremy as Prime Minister."

Although some Labour MPs on the Blairite 'centre-left' have refused to serve in a Corbyn cabinet, nimble Jonny, intends to keep the roof over his head and with some deft footwork, has now done a volte-face, by accepting the position of Shadow Minister for Transport in Corbyn's cabinet. As nimble Jonny told Labour members, with "four children"..."family life is not easy or quiet!" adding, "after careful thought Claire (his spouse), has decided to not stand for re-election as one of our Councillors in Duki-Stalyward."

In Tameside, the Labour Party have two Labour clubs in Denton and Stalybridge. Unlike many Labour Party groups in other parts of the country, the Labour Party in Tameside, does have close links with freemasonry. Once a year, the Ashton Masonic Lodge holds the Roy Oldham memorial dinner, in tribute to the former masonic Labour leader of Tameside Council, Roy Oldham, who died in 2010, aged 76. Although Stalybridge Labour Club have been experiencing financial difficulties for some considerable time, due to loss of custom, the Tameside Labour Party, have chosen to hold their annual fundraiser not at Denton or Stalybridge Labour Clubs, but at the Ashton Masonic Lodge. No doubt there'll be some secret handshakes going on at the Labour fundraiser amongst the old squares.

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