Friday, 23 October 2015

Missed Bins in Greater Manchester

THE troubled Bradley Fold Waste Depot in Bury was not able to 'collate their figures to respond' to a Freedom of Information request to Bury Council for the figures showing the number of complaints in the borough about missed bin collections.  Last Wednesday the Manchester Evening News ran a report which showed that there had been 'more than 10,000 complaints over missed wheelie bin collections received by councils in Greater Manchester this year' so far.

Bury, Bolton, Oldham and Rochdale councils had said 'they couldn't collate their figures to respond'.  Manchester City Council shows the worst level of complaints with 3,169 complaints this year, compared with 2,560 last year.

The Manchester Even News says:  'the situation seems to be getting worse as according to the figures, just 8,033 reports were submitted for the whole of last year.'  It's only late October up to now.

The trade union, the Bury Unite Commercial Branch, has been warning for the last two years that the position will deteriorate owing to the decision by councils like Bury and now Rochdale etc, to reduce the number of rounds and regular collections.

Sources close to the councils in Greater Manchester tell us that because of the reduced collections that there is more side waste being left of the streets and of course more fly tipping. 

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