Friday, 2 October 2015

Original Source for Story of Dodgy E-Mail?

by Les May
THE original source of the story of the e-mail defaming Colin Lambert which has been repeated by Rochdale Online, Manchester Evening News, the Zelo blog, and has been mentioned in BBC North-West news bulletins, seems to be the London office of the Breitbart news service which carries the details on a page dated 8 October 2014.

The key passages are:
'The e-mail, which was circulated by a Labour Member of Parliament’s researcher in November 2012',
'When asked to confirm that the original e-mail was indeed sent by him, the Labour staff member admitted it, which has raised questions as to why no one contacted the police at the time.'

No doubt Mr Lambert's lawyer and Mr Parker's lawyer will be contacting Breitbart and asking for the name of the Labour staff member who 'admitted it' and which MP he/she was a researcher for.

It looks like a couple of people are going to have to answer some awkward questions.

Northern Voices will not be awarding prizes if you guess the names correctly!


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