Saturday, 31 October 2015

Danczuk & Keeping Up the Maintenance?

Les May
THE first Mrs Danczuk, Sonia Rossington, has taken to social media to complain that ex-hubby Simon is reluctant to part with his money to contribute to the support of his 13 year old daughter.  Now on balance I am inclined to agree with Simon Danczuk M.P. for Rochdale, who is reported to have said:
'This is a private family matter.....  I do not feel it is appropriate to comment on the issue any further.'
But if you read her comments carefully there's one thing that certainly should not be a private matter, needs to be made public and halted immediately.
At one point she says:
'If I call child maintenance service (She refers here to the Child Support Agency or CSA) to complain, I'm told my case doesn't exist. I apparently have to tell them,  I'm one of the important special cases, that no-one if supposed to know about.  Then I'm put through to a 'special cases team... '
It would appear that we hoi-polloi, a.k.a. the plebs, the proles or the great unwashed, are treated by the C.S.A. differently  than the 'important' people like Mr Danczuk.  This is something which I could not find mentioned on the C.S.A. website.
In a pluralistic and democratic society this cannot be justified and it is time we made a fuss about it and asked how it can be justified. 
An irony in Mr Danczuk's case is that he has made his name claiming that Cyril Smithwas 'protected' by the security services.  Yet all this time it would seem that he too has been protected from our prying eyes.  

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