Monday, 26 October 2015

Colin Lambert Brand's Labour 'Bullies'!

COUNCILLOR Colin Lambert, who was leader of the Rochdale Council from 2010-2014, will not stand for re-election at the next local elections.  He claims he took the decision to drop out after he became aware of the 'skulduggery and deliberate misrepresentation' within local politics - shockingly he is referring to figures within his own local Rochdale Labour party who have been conducting a vendetta.
Last week, Councillor Lambert told the Rochdale Observer
'I will continue my 40 years membership of the Labour Party, however I will neither represent nor campaign for the individuals who are representing Labour on Rochdale Council.' 
When asked what he knew  of this alleged treachery, Councillor Lambert said: 'I now have a statement which names Labour councillors who were leaking confidential and commercially sensitive papers.'  
Asked what evidence he has of this, Councillor Lambert said:  
'I now have a statement which names Labour councillors who were leaking confidential and commercially sensitive papers.  Individuals smeared myself and others by feeding stories to the media which they knew to be untrue.' 
Since Simon Danczuk came to Rochdale to campaign to become an M.P., politics within the Rochdale Labour Party has seemingly degenerated to a surprising degree.  The atmosphere among Labour Party supporters is now decidedly sour throughout the town.  

Earlier today, Jennifer Williams in the Manchester Evening News wrote: 
'Labour rebel Simon Danczuk could get kicked out of his seat by party members, a senior Jeremy Corbyn ally has suggested – after he threatened to run against the new leader next spring.' 
Much dissatisfaction with Mr. Danczuk stems from what some see as his uncomradely  comments in paid articles he writes for what some see as the reactionary Daily Mail and the Mail of Sunday.   Today, Ken Livingstone, a long-term supporter of the Labour leader, has said Labour MPs who consistently make trouble could find themselves booted out. 
Meanwhile, Mr Danczuk described Ken Livingstone as a 'Stalinist', and said that he had only been practising the 'New Politics' that Jeremy Corbyn was encouraging.  And he added:  'So Ken taking such an authoritarian approach to this is sad really.'  
Ken Livingstone should remember that it was Simon Danczuk's now estranged wife Karen Danczuk, who over a year ago, so skillfully mocked Ed Milliband in a selfie eating a bacon butty.  Perhaps we should all look out, for Simon Danczuk has a reputation as a bit of a Giant Killer on the quiet.

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