Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Danczuk Accused of 'Crocodile Tears'!

Dear Sir/Madam
I was sorry to read that Councillor Colin Lambert is leaving the council.  Over the past few years a good number of people have either been forced to leave the labour party or have left as a result of being unhappy at the actions of senior members, including the MP for Rochdale.
The long standing disagreements between Colin and Mr. Danczuk cannot be disguised by a few crocodile tears.
In Saturday's Observer Mr. Danczuk's office is accused of spreading 'malicious rumours'A further matter, an 'alleged smear' 'made in an email' has been passed onto police.  Let us hope that they deal with it swiftly for the benefit of all concerned.
It really is time for the more positive and honest politics voted for by a massive majority of Labour members and supporters to assert itself both locally and nationally.
Ex-member of Rochdale Labour Party

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