Friday, 16 October 2015

Private Eye & the Paedo Ring?

THE current issue of Private Eye commenting on the recent Panorama program on the so-called VIP Paedophile Ring and the consequent criticism of Tom Watson, Labour's deputy leader, for being 'overly credulous on false or flimsy charges of child sexual abuse made against senior figures in the British establishment', says the fuss has 'omitted others who were similarly at fault.' 
The Eye names the Tory contender for London Mayor Zac Goldsmith, as an example of one who made a fuss about claims of child abuse by VIPs at Elm Guest House in London as an example.  The Eye says Tom Watson is now being confronted with 'a chorus of condemnation' but 'dashing young Zac' has escaped comment.

But what of slippery Simon Danczuk, the Labour MP for Rochdale?  The Eye makes no mention of him despite his reputation as a famous campaigner on this issue of VIP child abuse mainly in the columns of the Daily Mail.

On the 2nd, July 2014, the day after Mr. Danczuk was supposed to name someone at the Home Affairs Select Committee, the Daily Mirror journalist Jack Blanchard reported on what Mr. Danczuk had to say:
'Campaigning Labour MP Simon Danczuk said people would be “very disappointed” with Lord Brittan’s response.' 
And, Danczuk continued:
'We need to know where the dossier is and exactly what it said,' he said.   'There will be questions to be answered in terms of why such an important document has been lost.  It just fuels the flames of conspiracy.  People will think that names are trying to be protected.'

When it comes to fuelling the flames of conspiracy, Mr. Danczuk ought not now to be so modest about his own efforts to fan the claims about an establishment 'cover up' about paedophiles in high places.

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