Monday, 26 October 2015

Simon Danczuk: Paul Dacre’s Hired Scribe

IF there's one thing you can say about Simon Danczuk it's that he's full of his own importance as can be seen from his latest article for the Mail on Sunday, whose editor in chief is Paul Dacre.  So when John McDonnell responded to Danczuk's latest attempts to destabilise Jeremy Corbyn by dismissing them as, 'Simon being Simon', he showed an astute awareness of just how Danczuk manipulates the media to enhance his reputation and his bank balance.

McDonnell is reported to have said that 'moderate' Labour MPs must come to terms with the party’s new direction, but that left-wing activists would not be allowed to force them out.

He also said, ‘We are opposing any threat to individual MPs.  We are not in favour of reselection.  The democratic processes in the Labour position will take place in the normal way.  There is no way we will allow MPs to be deselected in that way.  We will work together on this.’

This sort of conciliatory attitude by McDonnell and seemingly by Corbyn, may not be what Simon is really looking for.  Last week I heard the idea being floated that what Simon wants is to provoke party members into calling for him to be expelled for bringing the Labour party into disrepute so that he can play the martyr toddle off and join the Tories.

At the time I thought it was a bit far fetched, but now I'm not so sure.

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