Wednesday, 28 October 2015

'Letting it all hang out...' at Freedom

The letter below is a cute response to a report in the last edition of Private Eye No. 1403 about the goings on at the Freedom Press office and bookshop in Angel Alley, next to the Whitechapel Art Gallery in east London.
Freedom Liberties


As a subscriber to Private Eye and an occupier of the building mentioned.   I was surprised at the unresearched article “Letting it all hang out...” (Street of Shame Eye 1403).

The Freedom building includes many active organisations, including mine, the Advisory Service for Squatters.  Between us we have kept the building going despite problems like the fascist firebombing two years ago.  Freedom is still published online and occasionally in in print, and the decision to change was taken after long and open discussion.

Your informant has clearly not bee near the building for many years, and bears a grudge.  The apoparent importance of the value of the building suggests monetary motivation.  You should not allow yourself to be used to print abuse.

We are not expecting “impromptu performance-art” in Angel Alley, but there are joint plans with the art gallery and local homeless hostel to improve the alley with furniture building, a library and plant growing.  Maybe you can send David Ziggy Greene to cover the opening.

We will not be stopping plugging your website on our website (



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