Friday, 5 August 2016

Sleazy Simon Danczuk!

TOMORROW's Rochdale Observer carries an unsigned letter that claims that Simon Danczuk used 'Fameflynet, a celebrity photo agency' to have photos of himself and a blond woman leaving the Lowry Hotel after a romp.  The photo shows Mr. Danczuk in a suit that looks he has spent the night in bed wearing. 
The letter writer writes:
'The last time he flogged photos of himself to this particular agency it was when he was questioned by Lancashire Police about allegations of historic rape.'
He seems to be making a good living out of behaving badly.  And, the people of Rochdale voted for this get rich quick guy!  God Bless them!
The un-named writer comments:
'Labour must act now on an out of control narcissist.  Danczuk thinks it's OK to peddle this sleaze to the highest bidder.'
Yet, there is no sign of the Rochdale Labour Council Leader, Richard Farnell, doing anything to stop Mr. Danczuk.  The last time Councillor Farnell was asked about Danczuk by the Lib Dem opposition leader, Andy Kelly, he said that he is 'a hard working MP' who 'has a lot on his plate!'
He didn't mention at that time that most of his hard work seems to be done between the blankets. No doubt we haven't seen the last of the sexy side of Mr. Danczuk and maybe we've got until 2020 before there is any let-up in this kind of athletics.

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