Monday, 22 August 2016

Danczuk, Feminism & Family Violence?

by Les May
A REVIEW of Erin Pizzey's book 'Prone to Violence' on Amazon has the title 'A revelation that has remained buried for decades'.  Although, as the reviewer says, Pizzey founded the first refuge for the victims of domestic violence in West London in the 1970s she seems to have been largely forgotten by present day feminists who are more concerned with how many women CEOs there are in the FTSE 100 or whether enough women appear on UK banknotes.

The reasons why are explored in the Amazon review and on Wikipaedia but they can be said to revolve around her claim, based upon her research, that one must distinguish between 'genuine battered women' and 'violence-prone women'.  The former she defined as 'the unwilling and innocent victim of his or her partner's violence' and the latter defined as 'the unwilling victim of his or her own violence.'  Essentially she was arguing that in at least some cases one must recognise a 'mutuality of domestic violence.'

Now you may be tempted to apply this thesis to the Danczuk's. Certainly it would explain why Karen initially made to her family accusations against Simon about an incident in Alicante in 2008, only to withdraw them a short while later and why we have recently seen a rerun of the same behaviour after Simon was arrested, again in Alicante, only for Karen to decline to confirm statements she had made to the police two days earlier, when the matter came to court.  But don't be too hasty.  There may be another explanation.

If Karen had followed through and pressed charges the Danczuk 'gravy train' would have come off the track.  Even Danczuk, brass necked though he is, would have found it difficult to resist the pressure to resign as an MP if he had been found guilty of being a 'wife beater'.  If he can stick it out until 2020 he will receive a further £274,000 in salary during that time.  And then there's the generous expenses, parts of which fund his constituency office which in April re-hired Karen as a part-time employee at a reported salary of £12,000.  If she sticks with him after the recent incident that's going to amount to £40,000 by 2020.

As I pointed out in my article 'Simon Danczuk on his way to the bank' from January of this year, as soon as he ceases to be an MP he is 'Mr Nobody' again.  His lucrative line in 'assisting' newspaper with stories of his indiscretions would dry up immediately. Stories like, 'I was drunk and horny' and 'I need counselling for my sex addiction' are only of interest to the press so long as he is an MP.

But it's not just Simon who appears to benefit from his indiscretions.  Check out the pictures which appeared in the Sun over the past week or so.  Initially Karen was shown with a scarf discretely draped over her right shoulder hiding her wound and the picture credited to 'News Group Newspapers'.  Next day we got the works (a.k.a the full monty) with her 'gruesome' wounds on display and the pictures credited to 'Fame Flynet'.  Was this a 'nice little earner' for Karen?

Then there's today's little offering in 'The Sun on Sunday'.  I was expecting 'My night in a Spanish hell-hole' and 'I need anger management' from Simon.  On expenses of course!  What we got was a double page spread of 'Karen Danczuk on terror of hubby's crazed bust up', 'Wild MP yelled and kicked in glass door', 'I feared he was going to kill me', 'Violent row left me paralysed with fear', and 'I woke up in a pool of bood.. I'm scarred for life'.  And that's just the captions!  Was this another 'nice little earner' for Karen, or was she just being public spirited?

Now call me Mr. Cynical but I cannot help noticing that if Karen had been willing to confirm what she appears to have initially told the Spanish policeman it would have been reported world wide as news and there would have been no Sun exclusive.  Just as 'I'm sorry I haven't a Clue' fans know that 'points mean prizes', seasoned Danczuk watchers know that 'exclusives mean cash'.

Explaining her unwillingness to press charges of domestic violence with, 'Do I want to be the person that finally ends his career?  Do I want to be the person who tells my sons their dad is in prison? No.' this interview may bring about both of these.

We already know that a complaint has been lodged with with Greater Manchester Police asking the force to investigate the allegations.  The seriousness of Karen's claims in the newspaper article are of such a nature they may give an impetus to this and will not doubt provide a basis for further complaints.

I'd be surprised if Rochdale Lib-Dems did not have a finger in this particular pie.  But who can blame them?  Throughout 2014 every possible attempt was made to smear them using the using the real and imaginary claims about Cyril Smith's antics.  Now it must be like Christmas and Birthday all rolled into one, courtesy of the Danczuks!

But don't write off the Danczuk duo just yet.  Karen still has the minor problem of earning a living to pay the bills and no doubt Simon still has access to a smartphone and Twitter.

I have repeatedly urged Rochdale Labour party to begin the process of disengaging itself from Simon Danczuk.  He's bad news and it's not going to get any better.










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