Thursday, 25 August 2016

Call for Expusion Case to be re-opened!

SEVERAL former Labour Party members accused of 'bullying' Simon Danczuk in 2009, and later as a consequence expelled from the party, now want their case to be reopened in the light of the incident in Alicante last week in which Simon's former wife, Karen, ended up lying in a pool of blood.  After this Mr Danczuk spent two nights in a police cell.
The incident bears some similarities to an earlier case in 2008 when there was an allegation that Simon had 'hit' Karen.  This was later denied by both Simon and Karen.
In 2009, the expelled members had asked for an investigation of the facts, but they had been expelled for circulating 'nonsense' accusations about Mr. Danczuk. 
Consequently, given recent events the expelled group want their case re-heard.

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