Sunday, 14 August 2016

'Momentum' growing in Tameside against Blairite cronies!

Pro-Business, councillor Kieran Quinn
Last week, Stalybridge and Hyde CLP, voted 68 to 29 in favour of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party in spite of the best efforts of Blairite MP, rotten Jonny Reynolds, to traduce and besmirch the much- loved Corbyn. A source who attended the meeting told NV that Reynolds slagged-off Corbyn and tried to persuade CLP members to adopt the Welsh non-entity Owen Smith. On this occasion the momentum was not in Jonny's favour. Nor did he have much success with his last efforts to get Blairite Liz Kendall MP elected as Labour leader or his best Mate, Peter Mandelson, elected as chancellor of Manchester University. 

Among the higher echelon's of Tameside Labour Party, Corbyn is less popular with the top brass who run Tameside Council. 'Proudly pro-business', Tameside Labour Council leader, Kieran Quinn, voted for Yvette Cooper during the original Labour leadership contest and is in favour of a woman leader.

Quinn, a former post office worker and CWU official, believes that local government is the most efficient form of government. He would believe that, wouldn't he? Both Quinn and his wife Susan, who is also a Tameside Councillor for Droylsden East, pull-in between them over a hundred grand a year in councillors' allowances and expenses including being Chairman of the Greater Manchester Pension Fund and as a Director of New Charter Housing. Although Quinn is reluctant to personally answer correspondence sent to him, he believes that councillors are more accessible to local people than MPs.

Brian Bamford, the Secretary of Tameside Trades Union Council, has told NV that he has been waiting for years to get a written reply from pro-business councillor Quinn, to two letters that he sent him regarding the council's relationship with the construction company Carillion, who have been forced to pay millions in compensation for 'blacklisting' British construction workers.

A local branch of 'Momentum' is now having monthly meetings at the Station Hotel, on Warrington Street, Ashton. Its second meeting takes place on Monday 15 August at 6.30pm. Blairite Jonny Reynolds and the derided carpet-beggar's who run Tameside Council, ought to be wary of deselection and losing their lucrative positions. The 'mighty' Quinn, presides over a council where one-third of the councillors are either married couples, couples or otherwise related, in what is effectively, a one party state of Tameside. It sounds like a shake-up is long overdue and necessary. Now is the time to clean out the Augean Stables.

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Anonymous said...

Mr quinn is also head of the deal to sell the old two trees high school and grounds in denton off to the highest bidder, for 220 houses ( big ones to boost council tax revenue-he says )in an area where there is almost no other open space ..It's green field and believed by locals to be essential to carry on as a school as the birth rate is rising rapidly here. The new high school was built as an alternative but with no room to extend it in a very short sighted bit of planning.There is no infrastructure to cope with any more houses in this densely populated area. Traffic is a disgrace already.This school is a necessity. Local children will soon have no place available at a local school. We are surrounded by brown field sites he can sell off....but hey-ho as it's surrounded by ex council stock (new charter ) as well privately owned it appears the money grubbing labour leader doesn't care. All local labour councillors are fighting against him on this. Rightly so.