Monday, 8 August 2016

Danczuks says: 'Mummy I need a Shrink!'

by Les May
IT's deja vu all over again!

On 31 December last year, The Sun went to town on Danczuk with a story about his 'sexting' a 17- year-old lass.  On 3 January the same paper ran a story in which he claimed he was 'Drunk, horny and alone'.  Naturally he was reimbursed for his co-operation.  A figure of £5,000 has been mentioned.  Oh! and of course he claimed £500 expenses for 'crisis management'.

Last week we had another story about Danczuk's spanking antics in his constituency office with a 22 years old, modestly referred to as 'Alice'.  Then surprise, surprise, today we have a story in the Sun headed, 'I NEED A SHRINK'.   Sleazy MP Simon Danczuk claims he needs sex addiction counselling after latest sordid scandal'.  We'll have to wait a few weeks to see if he has pocketed any cash for his 'co-operation' with this story.

In recent weeks we have had six Rochdale Labour councillors publicly attacking Jeremy Corbyn.  Yet none of Rochdale's Labour councillors seem to have the guts to publicly condemn Danczuk's behaviour and the Tories seem to have become very pally with him.  The question they need to ask themselves is whether it is now not more dangerous for Labour to remain silent than to speak out.   

The Lib-Dems are not exactly snapping at Labour's heels in Rochdale.  But the longer the Rochdale Labour party remains silent the longer it appears to condone his behaviour.  Those with long memories will recall what happened to Neil Hamilton in 1997.

Hamilton's majority at the 1992 General Election had been almost 16,000 votes and in 1997, Tatton was the fourth safest Conservative seat in Britain.  But Hamilton was tainted with scandal and was under investigation by the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner.  When Martin Bell a well-known BBC war correspondent, announced he would stand as an independent candidate in Tatton, the Labour and Liberal Democrat candidates for the area stood down in order to give Bell a clear run against Hamilton.  Bell trounced Hamilton, winning by a majority of over 11,000 votes with a swing of 48%.

We know that Danczuk has no shame.  Now the question is does Rochdale Labour party?

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