Thursday, 4 August 2016

Page-Views on the NV BLOG?

SINCE we last published a review of the page-views on the Northern Voices' BLOG in December 2014, we have had almost a four-fold increase in the number of viewings.  Last month, the total page-views were virtually double our best ever total for any other month. 
It is clear that the posts from Chris Draper on the goings on at Freedom Press is having some impact on the figures.  Posting by Chris entitled PENSIONER ATTACKED at ANARCHIST HQ! and   A Year in the Death of FREEDOM  are scoring quite well.   Other posts doing well are: 
The Hegemony of Horrible Hugs: about Simon Danczuk the Rochdale MP and his relations with
the Tory Party and the review by Blanco Posnet entitled Confessions of an NHS whistle-blower! about the book 'The Black Necked Swans' by Milton Peña Vásquez the Chilean surgeon at Tameside Hospital, are also scoring good hits.


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