Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Mr Dale's Diary

Tuesday 2nd August 2016

Mr Dale rides again, that is the ME Park rides of course. It seems that the Big Man and Ginge do not share my enthusiasm for the amusement park project. They do not seem to understand that it would be a monument to ME. I have offered them the opportunity to be immortalised by having stalls named after them. The bent rifle range could be the Ginge Shooting Gallery and of course the Big Man is the bouncy castle.
The pair of them appear to believe building houses instead of theME park on this land would offer greater opportunities for garnering even larger amounts of cash. I do not trust them, they do not have the principles like what I have. Ginge tells me they have a plan! Who writes their plans, my man does mine? Surely they cannot come up with ideas themselves? Will they call streets after the chemicals used in the past and their effects – Contamination Close, Rubbish Tip Road, Wasteland Walk, Dangerous Drive?
After sorting that lot out. I had to take a ride back to the office. A recent acquaintance gave me plenty to do on my desk there. I work so hard serving people – I’ve been known to wine and dine them as well (and not at a charity do!). What a man I am. I must get my cleaner serf to give my desk an extra special clean, there seem to be some deep stains that need attention.
mr d desk

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