Saturday, 6 August 2016

Sleaze-gate, Photo-gate & Simon Danczuk MP!

Some Historic Activities in Photo Journalism
Date published: 05 January 2016
NEWSNIGHT interviewer Nick Hopkins challenged Simon Danczuk over payments he has been receiving from a photographic agency for tipping them off about his movements so they could arrange photographers to be present, then sell the photos on to tabloid newspapers and give Mr Danczuk a cut.

On the programme, which aired on Monday 4 January, Mr Hopkins questioning clearly rattled Mr Danczuk, who struggled to justify why an MP should receive £1,100 from a photo agency for 'tip offs'. As Mr Danczuk sought to defend himself, Mr Hopkins asked him to name any other MP with a similar arrangement, Mr Danczuk couldn't.

Mr Hopkins told the MP for Rochdale that it is "wrong".
The programme is available on BBC iPlayer until early February:
Reaction to Mr Danczuk's money-making scheme off the back of his status as an MP has been scathing.

Mr Danczuk insists he sees nothing wrong in what he is doing.

Rochdale Online has previously revealed that on top of his £74,000 salary as an MP, Mr Danczuk:

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