Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Ticking Clock as Police Probe Mr. Danczuk?

TODAY's Rochdale Observer reveals that the Scotland Yard police are now focusing on the Rochdale MP., Simon Danczuk's expenses claims.  
This follows complaints to the Parliamentary Standards Authority earlier this year that originated from the Rochdale Liberal Democrat, David Hennigan.
The Parliamentary expenses regulatory started an investigation in January after it became clear that Mr. Danczuk had been claiming extra accommodation allowance since 2011 for his children, despite his ex-wife insisting that he never saw two of his children.
MPs are allowed to claim allowance for children who 'routinely' live with them in London.
It now turns out that neither of his children from his first marriage have seen him in London for years, according to his ex-wife Sonia and his son George.
Mr. Danczuk now says:
'My accommodation claims were made in accordance with what I believed to be an honest interpretation of the IPSA rules.  I am co-operating fully with all investigations and have, of course, offered to refund the amount in full.'

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