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David Morales Brings Flamenco to Manchester

David Morales brings flamenco 'in its pure state' to Manchester
THE Spanish maestro’s concert at the Instituto Cervantes on 23rd March is already sold out
The Spanish bailaor (flamenco dancer) David Morales (born in La Línea de la Concepción, Cádiz, 1971) remembers Manchester as a city in love with music and with a great passion for flamenco.
The great maestro comes back to Manchester on the 23rd March so as to perform a very special concert at the Spanish Institute Cervantes (326/330 Deansgate).  Morales will delight the audience with a sample of flamenco 'in its pure state', as he will dance styles such as Martinete, Bulerías and Soleá, among other surprises that surely will leave the audience speechless.
The concert belongs to the wide cultural programme of Manchester’s Instituto Cervantes, as a part of this institution’s interest in preserving and promoting the art of flamenco as a symbol of the Spanish identity and culture.
David Morales’ flamenco extravaganza is already sold out and the waiting list is getting bigger and bigger every day.  'The most important thing for me is not the popularity but the audience’s respect', claims the artist. 'This is a long way, that’s why perseverance and daily hard work are essential to me', he adds.
Morales highlights his desire to keep the purity of flamenco, 'because this is one of the most eclectic music in the world', he admits. ‘Lorca. Madly In Love’ is his latest performance, which he describes as a 'dance to the sexual freedom', and it also pays tribute to Federico García Lorca, 'the most universal Spanish poet ever'.  This show has gained a great success both among the critics and the audience. Its presentation at New York’s Carnegie Hall ended with almost 3,000 people standing on their feet and clapping for five minutes.  'That was glorious –he’s glad-; "Lorca" is a celebration of love, and so understood the crowd'.
David Morales: the kid with the golden feet
David Morales was born in La Línea de la Concepción (Cádiz, 1971). He started dancing Sevillanas when he was just 3 years old. Since then, he hasn’t stopped dancing with passion and determination. At six years old, he got to the stage for first time at Los Barrios’ First Flamenco Festival, where he shared the ‘tablao’ (stage) with Camarón de la Isla and Antonio Fernández ‘Fosforito’. By the end of his first international tour -he was only 11 years old, the press already referred to him as 'the kid with the golden feet'.
Spanish songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat confirms that Morales’ feet movement “leaves no one indifferent”. Likewise, the legendary Antonio Ruiz Soler ‘El Bailarín’ also referred to his outstanding talent: “Not even when I was 20 years old I did what he managed to do at his ten”.
Along his amazingly huge career, the ‘bailaor’ has been honoured with several prizes, such as Province of Cadiz Medal (2013), Illustrious Visitor of the City of Montevideo (2013), Member of Honor of The Arts Collective 7 (2012) and The Banner of Andalusia (2011), among others.
Socially conscious, Morales organised the Flamenco for Haiti festival. Besides, he has taken part in a number of charity shows and he promotes the free access to his performances for the unemployed.

David Morales in concert. 23rd March 2016, 6.30pm.
£10 (general) / £8 (concessions) ***SOLD OUT***
More information: or 0161 661 4201

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