Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Castleton Carnegie Meeting

OVER 20 local residents of Castleton turned up last night to hear that the former Castleton Library Carnegie  building may now face the prospect of serious authentic renovation, having recently been purchased by a local businessman.  The meeting was told that having confronted a possible Township compulsory purchase order being placed upon the building at the end of last year, which may have resulted in it being knocked down, the building was now save.

The building was originally named the Carnegie Library, and it first opened its doors in 1905 by the then Mayor Colonel Fishwick, with the help of a £2,500 grant from millionaire and public benefactor Mr Andrew Carnegie.  It closed finally in February 2007, and has remained vacant since.

The building has huge historical value throughout the local area and is loved by many residents who would love to see it brought back to it's former glory.   Last night's meeting was assured that the present owner, who has not yet been named, would not simply create  a façade which left the exterior of the building intact, but rendered the interior to mediocre modernity as so often happens.  We were told that most of the original interior features would retain their historical integrity.

This information was greeted with  marked enthusiasm from those present at the meeting.  The next meeting is planned for the end of March.

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