Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Harvey Proctor says police should resign!

FORMER Tory MP Harvey Proctor, who yesterday was formally cleared of child abuse and murder allegations declared: 
'I consider that Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, Patricia Gallan, Steve Rodhouse and Kenny McDonald should tender their resignations from the Metropolitan Police Service forthwith.'
This came as Scotland Yard's £3million Operation Midland finally came to an end.
For over a year Mr Proctor, 69, has strenuously denied historical allegations that he was part of a VIP paedophile ring that murdered three boys.
The former member for Basildon and Billericay was told that police would be taking no further action against him, and called for a public inquiry into Operation Midland, the probe that was sparked by the allegations. 
The decision to clear Mr Proctor is a humiliating blow for the Met. police, who had previously described his accuser’s allegations as ‘credible and true’.
It is also a shock to those MPs who have conducted a witch-hunt against Proctor and others. 
Speaking at a press conference, Mr Proctor said:

'I have been advised that the Metropolitan Police Service have informed my solicitors that they intend to take no further action with regard to my involvement with Operation Midland' .
'I wish to make a short statement.  I will make a longer one on the publication of my book “Credible and True. The Political and Personal Memoir of K. Harvey Proctor” on Tuesday, 29th March 2016. 

'I believe Operation Midland should now be the subject of a truly independent public inquiry.
'I consider that Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, Patricia Gallan, Steve Rodhouse and Kenny McDonald should tender their resignations from the Metropolitan Police Service forthwith.'

In another statement Mr. Proctor has had much to say about some Labour MPs:   'Those Labour Members of Parliament who have misused parliamentary privilege and their special position on these matters should apologise. They have behaved disgracefully, especially attacking dead parliamentarians who cannot defend themselves and others and they should make amends. They are welcome to sue me for libel. In particular, Mr Tom Watson, M.P. should state, outside the protection of the House of Commons, the names of ex Ministers and ex M.P.s who he feels are part of the so called alleged Westminster rent boy ring.'
For this he was criticised by the campaigner, Ian Pace, and earlier this week on a left-wing Blog which declared:
'Proctor is maliciously trying to blame Watson.  That may raise a few eyebrows, but it must be remembered that Proctor was not the most sympathetic character to grace the Commons:  his interests included being chairman of the right-wing Monday Club's "Immigration and repatriation committee".  Yes, "repatriation".'
The Blog suggested Proctor may have been bias against Watson and the Labour Party, but this is undermined by what Mr. Proctor has had to say about the Tory Home Secretary, Theresa May:
‘If Theresa May was not so interested as to how she could achieve the future leadership of the Conservative Party and was in authoritative charge of the Home Office and its responsibilities, she would have held the Metropolitan Police Service to account for their daily abuses of trashing human rights.’
Harvey Proctor further suggested the Home Secretary should ‘consider her position’.
Last night, the Home Office refused to comment on what Mr. Proctor had had to say.
From the position of someone who believes in justice and decency, Mr. Proctor's right-wing political views ought to be irrelevant to what has been happening with regard to what looks like a witch-hunt by some MPs and some elements of the media.  It is typical of some on the left to stoop to evoking these kind of things but it suggests a kind of lazy intellectual bankruptcy.
For Northern Voices based in the town of Rochdale where a crude opportunism, and some would say corrupt politics, has prevailed for almost a decade, Harvey  Proctor's stand on this matter has been a breath of fresh air.   

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