Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Danczuk Dumped by Cleavage!

OVER the weekend it has been reported that Karen Danczuk, who rose to 'fame' following a series of postings of her cleavage on Twitter, and later became a Rochdale councilor in the Kingsway ward, has now broken up with her husband Simon Danczuk the well known campaigning MP for Rochdale.  Mr. Danczuk declared himself in the current Rochdale Observer to be 'devastated'.

Today's Daily Mail reports that:
'Mrs. Danczuk has become famous thanks to her addiction to posting "selfie" photographs of herself - or to be more specific, her cleavage - Twitter. ... In recent weeks, the 32-year-old (Karen) has branched out and posted sefies of her bottom and pouty pictures of her mouth.  Earlier this month she tweeted:  "I'm just so proud.  Absolutely loving my bum.'

Mrs. Danczuk's departure from Simon Danczuk's dream team follows the departure last month of his closest advisor and aide, Matthew Baker.  Mr. Baker is reputed to have both researched and written the controversial book 'Smile for the Camera:  The Double Life of Cyril Smith' which has made Danczuk famous as a campaigner against child abuse.

It was suggested to Northern Voices in 2013 by a source then close the Danczuks, that Mr. Baker and Mrs. Danczuk didn't hit it off.  Matthew Baker had strong links to other journalists and is believed to have been pivotal in getting the deal with the Daily Mail to serialise their book 'Smile for the Camera'.  During the book launch in Danczuk's Deli in March 2014, Mr. Danczuk boasted how much the editor of the Daily Mail, Paul Michael Dacre, liked their book on Cyril Smith,

After their book launch in 2014, on The Walk outside Danczuk's Deli, Mr. Baker justified to me getting the Daily Mail to promote and serialise their book on Cyril by arguing that the Mail was more useful to them than The Guardian, and the Mail on Saturday sold more copies than the Sun.  At the book launch were many members of the Rochdale Labour Party including the current leader of the Labour Group on the Rochdale Council, Richard Farnell, but no one questioned the link-up between Danczuk and the right-wing editor and severe critic of the Labour Party, Paul Michael Dacre.

Today the local website Rochdale-on-line reports:
'Their marriage has long been reputed to be 'volatile' and on Friday Mr Danczuk posted a tweet saying he was researching 'Narcissistic Personality Disorder', which many took to be aimed at his wife.'

We must wait to see what more is to be revealed about this odd but endlessly fascinating political couple.

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