Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Blacklist Support Group: June 2015

1. Police collusion in blacklisting goes back decades & other press coverage 

2. Blacklisting firms derisory compensation offers to try and buy us off

3. Armed police on Teeside construction protest this week were heavy handed throwing their weight around and manhandling older workers standing up for their rights (photo attached). The attack on the collective agreements by firms at the Redcar plant has seen huge early morning protests and marches through the town - all of them peaceful. Now the police are using bully boy tactics and guns to try and intimidate us. It won't work. We are not prepared to accept that kind of behaviour from the police for carrying out peaceful democratic union activities. 

Next Sita / Sembcorp protest 
5:30am start 19th June
Willton Complex
TS10 9RF

Please support and attend this important protest.  Please pass this message to activists.

4. SNP - Trade Union Group inaugural conference 
The first ever conference organised by the Scottish National Party Trade Union Group will take place in Stirling on Saturday 20th June.
A number of motions on the issue of blacklisting have been submitted by trade unionists and blacklisted workers attending the conference. The following clauses appear in some of the motions:
  • "Conference calls upon the Scottish government to hold a full open and transparent Scottish inquiry into blacklisting".
  • "Conference calls upon all public authorities in Scotland to refuse to award contracts to firms who subscribed to the Consulting Association unless they comply with the STUC demand to 'self-cleanse' and fully compensate blacklisted workers". 
5. More deaths on London building sites - our thoughts are with the families of the construction workers killed.

6. Blacklist book tour continues:
Blacklisted book has now officially sold out of its first print run. With reviews in this month's Red Pepper, Socialism Today, Hazards magazine and more coming soon, the second print run is being prepared now. 
Fri 19th - Worcester - alongside 'Salt of the Earth' film 
25-29 Glastonbury Festival - Speakers Forum & Leftfeild stages 
2nd - Unite the Resistance, ULU - with John McDonnell MP, Mark Serwotka, Michelle Stanistreet, Candy Udwin, Chris Stephens MP  
4th - National Shop Stewards Network Conference, Conway Hall, Holborn - wih Matt Wrack, Mark Serwotka, Ronnie Draper
9th - Tunbridge Wells (flyer attached)

7. Big contracts won by blacklisting firms recently:
Carillion have been awarded the extension to Anfield stadium for Liverpool FC.
Bam have been awarded the refurbishment of the Admiralty Building in Horse Guards Parade. 

8. Labour Party leadership election
Jeremy Corbyn has spoken in support of the Shrewsbury Pickets and blacklisted workers at events organised by the Blacklist Support Group in Islington and has signed a number of Early Day Motions in parliament supporting the campaign in parliament. BSG wish him well - Has anyone got any photos of Jeremy at the BSG events, so we can use them in publicity? 

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