Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Comments on Simon Danczuk's Marriage Upset

IN yesterday's Daily Mail, commenting on the history of the apparent decline and fall of Mr. and Mrs. Danczuk, the journalists Natalie Clarke and Nazia Parveen wrote:
'Referring to her selfies, her husband (Simon Danczuk) added:  "She's a very beautiful woman.  I think it's great.  Politics needs a bit of glamming up, don't you agree?".'

This might remind readers of what another Rochdale politician once said, when he called on the then Liberal Party to go in for 'More Razzmatazz!'

That politician was Cyril Smith MP!

The Mail journalists continue:
'The ensuing publicity encouraged Karen to put up more such photographs and her followers on Twitter mushroomed from s few hundred to the 53,000 of today.  Being labelled "Westminster's most embarrassing wife" only spurred her to seek the limelight further.'

Only last February, Mrs. Danczuk claimed in a media interview that she had been raped repeatedly from the age of six by a 'family friend who used to sneak into her bedroom and follow her to the bathroom'.

Karen Danczuk's own mother then said that many of her daughter's memories are 'a figment of her imagination'.

A week later, the 'family friend' Karen was accusing turned out to be one of her own brothers, Michael Burke, a 36-year-old former security guard.  Mr. Burke has categorically denied Karen's allegations, and no charges have yet been brought against him, he remains on bail until the 8th, August this year, having been bailed on several occasions previously. 

Though the law permits this situation of placing people on bail without charging them, and while it may be argued that that in cases of historical child abuse this is reasonable, it is worrying none-the-less.  English law always operates on the presumption of innocence, and it is to be hoped that either the individuals at present under police investigation will either be charged or released from bail at the earliest opportunity. 

Simon Danczuk's former wife, Sonia Milewski, has according to the Mail claimed that she is 'unimpressed' by the 'dramatic claims' saying:  'One of the individuals in that marriage has been happy to throw her own family in the gutter [and] with that in mind nothing would surprise me'.

Meanwhile, last month another of Karen's brothers, a half-brother Paul Taylor, was arrested on suspicion of harassing Mrs. Danczuk online.  He has since been ordered not to make any contact with Karen or her family.  At about the same time Mrs. Danczuk was ordered by another Court to pay money in a back-rent row over her former business 'Danczuk's Deli'.  She claimed that she sold the Deli in February, but the landlord claims she still owes £2,045 in backdated rent.

According to the Daily Mail:
'The companies last accounts showed it made a loss of £8,053 for the year to February 2014.  It owed creditors £11,774 and had just £1,806 in the company bank account.'

In the middle of June, the Sunday Times journalist, Camilla Long, wrote a portrayal of life with the Danczuks,  in which she revealed an insight into the couple's chaotic private life.

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