Friday, 5 June 2015

Nick Parnell's Pious Proposal

Blacklisting & Bury MBC: 'Get Me Mr. Toasty'
Councillor Nick Parnell
BURY Council as part of its mission to 'Raise Awareness of Affordable Warmth and Fuel Poverty' has contracted with Carillion, a company now facing charges of blacklisting building workers in the High Court, to roll out a program of providing winter warmth to the most needy areas of Bury.  This is all part of the Greater Manchester Green Deal that is currently developing.  The four high priority areas have been identified as Bury East, Moorside, Radcliffe East and West, Redvales.
Bury Council ranked first out of Carillion's three Local Authority partners:  Manchester City Council and Trafford Council are also involved with Carillion.  A report from Bury Council states that during 'Bury Light Night ... Mr Toast was wrapped in an energy efficient LED lighting to fit in the theme of the night [and] carried out doorknocking ... with the support of Groundwork, GMEAS (Greater Manchester Energy Advice Scheme) and [the blacklist company] Carillion.'
As all this exciting activity with Mr Toast and Carillion was going on at various Bury locations around Ramsbottom and beyond, the Labour controlled Bury Council was considering a proposal presented by the Labour Councillor Nick Parnell which notes:
'The practice of blacklisting is illegal, immoral and reprehensible.  In some cases this practice has led to long term unemployment for those who have been “blacklisted” for nothing more tha representing their fellow workers. [and that] More recently, companies who are known to have blacklisted trade unionists are now tendering for and procuring public contracts throughout councils in England.'
Councillor Parnell's proposal called upon Bury Council 'to take such steps as are lawful... and to refer this matter to the Leader and Director of Resources and Regulations to consider how best the objectives of the motion can be taken forward.'
So much for an ethical procurement policy in Bury when it comes to Mr Toast and Carillion.


Martin Campbell said...
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Peter F said...

Sickening !

Zyzzyzus floridanus said...

The problem is that these kind of ethical proposals are neither use nor ornament. But it suits some people in the Labour Party to pretend that in moving them they are doing something positive about blacklisting, when in fact they are just muddying the water.