Monday, 8 June 2015

Baker's Union Bin Motions to Dump Labour

YESTERDAY, the Baker's union (BF&AWU) ruled five motions to the union's conference 'out of order'.  Motion 17 from Branch 450 asked 'that this conference agrees the time has come for us to take seriously, debate and vote on our affiliation to the Labour Party... the current Labour Party are not in touch with real working class life.'

Other motions (15; 16; 18 and 19) carried similar sentiments but all were ruled 'out of order' by the Chair.  This decision was announced straight after the lunch break and before the critical motions were to be debated.  Sources close to the baker's union suggested that a top table meeting took place during the lunch break at which two alternative emergency motions were put forward:  one dealing with the danger from Ukip and the other supporting Jeremy Corbyn, a veteran left-wing MP who has just announced that he will stand in the race to become the next leader of the Labour Party.

The new motion backed by the top table stated:
'This conference agrees that following the Labour Party defeat in the General Election that standing on a semi-Tory, right leaning manifesto that this union ... work with the TUC and those in the Labour Party who believe in us, the union movement, to ensure the Labour Party stands for what it did  and should be:  a party ... carrying out left leaning, socialist inspired polies that care for everyone rather than copying the Tories policies and support Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership of the Labour Party.'

This motion and the one condemning Ukip were both naturally carried with huge majorities.  It was pointed out by the top table that the emergency motion was about support for Jeremy Corbyn not disaffiliation from the Labour Party. But there was criticism of the Chair by some for the decision to ditch the motions demanding disaffiliation, with one delegate saying that the Conference was being 'gagged'.

Though the Baker's union has swept the disaffiliation motions under the carpet for the time being, it is clear that this is only the tip of an iceberg.  Five motions from trade union branches had to be side-lined by the Chair, even if the decision that it was an issue for a revision of rule was technically correct, it can't now be very reassuring for the union leadership or the Labour Party that so many rank and trade unionists are considering disaffiliating from the Labour Party.

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mark hollinrake said...

Good trade unionists and socialists have been trying to change the Lab party back to a working class supporting party for ages , but have failed. The LP will never move back to a left party, as the capitalists rule it. Unions should support individuals like the Green's Carlone LUcas, Denis Skinner, John Mc Donnell and Jeremy Coburn, who would be a good leader, but ultimately the LP bureaucracy would stop him from succeeding as they would not allow the LP to become a left party that supports socialism, peace and trade unionism, all of which the above mentioned support.

The TUs should campaign and fund candidates who stand on good policies, including ending blacklisting, reversing Thatcher's anti union policies, getting rid of austerity, Trident etc, and stop supporting right wingers like the present MP for Rochdale and others like Liz Kendall and other Blarites.

The TUs have to stop wasting millions on LP, and us as members have to do our best to get support to those who will support the Unions.